Payment Methods

We accept a variety of payment methods: Paypal, Bank Transfer, Western Union, Webmoney

Notice: We don't accept credit card now, but you can relate the credit card with an email address to creat a paypal account. For more information, please visit: http://www.paypal.com. You can Contact US or for help as well.


Send money online with an email address from 103 countries and regions, free for buyer. It is very easy to register and only take some minutes to complete the payment. You also can send money to our PayPal account directly and send Unique Transaction ID via email to us info@wsdeal.com, So we can check it and prepare your order in advance.

Bank transfer

Account No: 801-069329-838
Bank Name: HSBC

Notice: Please email your receipt of payment to us include information as follows, then we can check and confirm:
Sender's First & Last Name
Senders' Country & City
Order Number & Amount

Western union: www.westernunion.com

Western Union is also a good way to send and receive money worldwide. It is convenient for someone who doesn't have paypal or credit card, but want to make the deal more quickly.

First Name: XIAOHONG
Last Name: LU
Address: ShenZhen,GuangDong,China
Postal code: 518000
Telephone: 0755-23972462

Notice:When you complete payment by Western Union, please inform us payment details include:
Sender's First & Last Name
Senders' Country & Stats & City & Phone NO.
Order Number & Amount & MTCN Number


Send money online via your webmoney account, easy and fast! You can login to wsdeal.com, go to your shopping cart and chose WebMoney as a payment method. After it you will be redirected to WebMoney Merchant interface, where you need to complete the payment.